Former fast food addict Carlie Lin, 37, from Balham in South London, confessed she used to spend thousands of pounds on takeaways each year

A fast food addict who spent £800 a month on takeaways says she’s excited to flaunt her 10-stone weight loss on her first holiday in years.

Carlie Lin, 37, from Balham in South London, confessed she guzzled her way through £10,000 worth of take outs each year.

The long list of fatty orders with extra sugar caused her to reach a massive 22st and 3lb.

The 37-year-old admitted that in one sitting she would gorge on a large pizza, garlic bread side and a desert, or sometimes a curry, five nights a week.

Carlie would also plunge her hand into the biscuit barrel up to 10 times a day, and scoff up to five on each visit.

She said the bingeing on food created a vicious cycle of exhaustion and overeating.

As she got tired from carrying all the weight around, she would then order take-out in the hopes of getting some energy.

Among her favourite meals were fry ups, Chinese meals, fish and chips, Indian food or a pizza with a batch of cookie dough to finish.

Size 24 Carlie became overweight during puberty and has suffered gastroesophageal reflux, the cause of extreme heartburn.

Doctors recommended the gastric bypass surgery to help ease her symptoms.

With the help of the weight-loss op and a new mindframe to ditch her unhealthy habits, Carlie lost an enormous amount of fat to shrink down to 11st 13lbs and a streamlined size 12.

Carlie – who works as a picture framer – was so self-conscious about getting into a swimming costume she avoided holidays altogether for six years.

But now she’s fitting into slinky numbers, and with an upcoming skin removal surgery, she can’t wait to showcase her new curves on the beach.

Carlie says since having the weightloss surgery in November 2020, she says she’s been given a new lease of life.

Now instead of feeling sluggish all the time, she’s able to be more active with her six-year-old daughter, Betsy, and 37-year-old partner Leon Sinclair.

Carlie is due to have excess skin removed to complete her new look in April 2022 and the family are looking forward to their first family holiday next year where Carlie plans to wear a bikini for the first time in years.

Though she’s no longer spending massive amounts on food, she is having to fork out on constantly updating her wardrobe.

Among the new dishes she cooks are batch-cooked chillis and stews, and breakfasts that she can’t finish due to her egg-sized new stomach.

Carlie said: “Now, for breakfast I have one slice of French toast with blueberries and strawberries and if I can’t finish the toast, I concentrate on the fruit.

“I have a fibre bar and grapes for elevenses and for lunch I have a sandwich thin with some ham and cucumber.

“I batch cook chilli con carne without the rice or stew without the potatoes for dinner. I enjoy cooking now more than I did, I like to use the slow cooker and just leave it.”

Normally Carlie wouldn’t eat breakfast

Bacon sandwich with six slices of bacon, packet of crisps and a yoghurt

A large pizza, side of garlic bread and cookie dough

Carlie would snack on four or five biscuits between six and ten times a day, grapes, a fibre bar and four cans of diet coke

Carlie’s diet after

One slice of French toast with blueberries and strawberries

One sandwich thin, a slice of ham and cucumber


Homemade chilli con carne

Grapes and a fibre bar