New Ferragamo CEO to start in January, sales rise in Q3

Ferragamo’s new Chief Executive Marco Gobbetti will take the helm from Jan. 1, the Italian luxury group said on Tuesday, after beating analysts’ expectations with a 17.4% increase in third quarter sales at constant exchange rates. Revenues rose by 35% to 785 million euros ($907 million) in the first nine months of the year, mainly […]

Seagate demos industry’s first NVMe hard drive

Seagate showed off a hard disk drive that connects through NVMe at the Open Computing Project (OCP) global summit this week. Limiting a faster PCIe connection to the speeds of a spinning disk drive might be counterintuitive, but it could still have benefits outside of consumer desktop use. Seagate has detailed the project on its […]

Scientists take the study of regeneration to the next level by making three-banded panther worms transgenic

Three-banded panther worms are an incredibly impressive marine animal. Known scientifically as the acoel worm named Hofstenia miamia, these tiny animals that grow to only 500 micrometers can perform one of the greatest feats in the animal world, whole-body regeneration. Remove Hofstenia miamia’s tail and it will grow another. Remove its head and another one, […]